Thanks for the replies to Prof. advice

Mark Petrie ef949 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Feb 23 13:41:50 EST 1994

I just wanted to post everyone a thank you due to the
numerous replies to my post of Prof. advice. For those interested
I have decided on research and a non med prof. I feel somewhat
lighter today, and a little closer to finding my area of
expertice. In a biology program, I believe they should give
more specialization training and involvement, since biology
is such as vast area. It seems that upon graduating, all
the person can do that wants to go into a masters program
is make a educated hunch on a area of specialization. I know
some volunteer work is helpful, but it is not always available
is more remote area in the field. Well thanks again for
helping me cross the first bridge!      Mark

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