San Onofre Kills

Douglas Thompson ww10bbm at
Tue Feb 22 18:35:23 EST 1994

    Nuclear Waste at San Onfre
     I'm doing a research project on the nuclear plant at San
Onofre, and any problems they have had with radiation leaks, and si
on.  I know that in the early eighties, this plant was sited by the
National Regulatory Commission as having violated their license by
closing two valves used to pump borated water into the reactors
primaty coolant system.  The values were closed in an attempt to
locate a leak of radioactive watr.  Supposedly there eas no danger
to the public in this.

     I'm also aware that in 1984, a 'small amount' of radioacrive
gas was released from the plant, the allegedly had bo effect on
neither plant workers nor the general public.  I know that in 1887,
five workmen were contaminated by radioactive reactor water, and
then 'decontamineted', and of course none of them recieved any
radiation above 'regulatory limits'.  I wasn't aware that there was
such a thing as a safe level of radiation.

     I've heard reports that recently there have been studies that
show the plantr has caused leukemia in people.  I'm very interested
in this, and would greatly appreciate any further informantion on
this subject.

     Please send responses to ww10bbm at

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