Yolanda Gurrola yolanda.gurrola at
Wed Feb 23 18:10:06 EST 1994

Hi Jo,

Well I agree with you on part of your response.  I do agree with you
on the part that insurance agencies do not have the right to know
whether on of their client's has some kind of "bad" gene, because they
would be able to discriminate against them and make their insurance
higher than everyone elses.  On the other hand, when you are talking
about parents wanting to know whether their unborn child has some kind
of abnormal defect, I think they should go through with the testing.  I
am not necessarily saying that they should abort this child, but it
would be better for them to know what to expect.  Let's say they do go
through with having this baby, I would hope they would like to prepare
themselves for the unexpected.  But yet if this unborn child were to
have a terrible case of some lethal gene, I would say they would have to
make the decision themselves.  It would something between God and them.

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