Change in ATCC computer host name

Dr. Donna Maglott dmaglott at
Thu Feb 24 01:08:19 EST 1994


The name of the host computer at the AMERICAN TYPE CULTURE COLLECTION 
(ATCC) used to access catalogue information has been changed 
from to
This change of name affects using gopher to access information 
describing research materials available from the ATCC.  You must point your
gopher client to (gopher

The change also affects using telnet to connect to the ATCC Recombinant
Materials Database (clones, vectors, recombinant libraries, transformation 
hosts, and oligonucleotides) and searching using IRX (telnet,
username <search>, password <common>).
Electronic mail is NOT affected.  Please continue to address e_mail for 
staff at the ATCC to, requests for IRX help to help at, 
requests for materials to request at, and
hints for searching via gopher to gopher at

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