Joni Self joni.self at
Wed Feb 23 15:15:53 EST 1994

I believe there are many benefits to genetic testing of diseases that
can be cured.  However, in cases such as cystic fibrosis and
Huntington's disease, I don't think I would want to find out if I had a
terminal illness, and live the rest of my life always thinking about
death.  As for parents trying to test their unborn children for genetic
defects and then choosing whether or not to keep or abort it, I believe
it is wrong.  I also believe that employers and Insurance companies have
no right to know about a  person's genetic testing.  It is a form of
discrimination and prejudice.  It is personal information that should be
kept private.  I do agree that it is good to know about inherited
disorders to prevent the passing on of a bad gene, such as the case of
the Jews.  However, I wouldn't prevent them from marrying, necessarily,
but just from having children.  In the article, it seems like the press
got carried away with "discoveries" that had no true evidence.  People
want a simple answer to complex problems such as homosexuality,
alcoholism, crime and vilolence, etc.  They'll take anything they can
get for an answer.  Many of these questions are too difficult and
controversial to discuss effectively, and we may never know the answer
until we get to heaven.

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