Why do we sleep?

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: >Why do we sleep?  Is there something that builds up in our bodies that gives 
: >us a feeling of fatigue and that during sleep gets metabolized somehow so 
: >that we feel refreshed upon waking?
: >
: >Just curious.
: >

: I can answer that question...
: I am very interested in the electrical systems of the human and that is 
: exactly where the reason for sleep lies.
: During the day (vertical position), a human is filled with electrical 
: systems. This collection is mostly gathered on top of the head. Daytime is 
: silver, night is gold and during silver, a human is built to be silvery and 
: gold during the night.
: Tha's why it's dangerous for a human to be gold in silver times and the 
: opposite.

: Above the head a system is active, which is called the Cathstar. This 
: collects electrics during the day and during the night (horizontal vector), 
: this cathstar is pulled in into the physical body and is cleaned by the 
: blood. This causes a "empty" feeling when waking up.

: As you probably get a sense of, this is an enormous territory, which is not 
: really known to science, but it is the 100% truth. In my case, I am also 
: able to see this process happening electrically. It's the most facinating 
: engineering within the human when looking into the electrical systems.

: I can continue for millions of words, but I will stop now.
: Hopefully, this answers your question about sleep.

You definitely should submit this to the Journal of Irreproducible Results :-)


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