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Fri Feb 25 03:09:34 EST 1994

a person called DIZ wrote:

+>>  I do agree that it is good to know about inherited
+>>disorders to prevent the passing on of a bad gene, such as the case of
+>>the Jews.  However, I wouldn't prevent them from marrying, necessarily,
+>>but just from having children.
+>  Allright. I can tolerate bad writing and poor argumentation in
+>the name of scientific literacy, but I don't appreciate finding
+>racist and homophobic remarks here. These comments don't 
+>belong on bionet.general, IMO.
+>Patrick Ferris
+oh, shut the hell up you pompous ass.  before you go accusing people of
+racism and the rest, do some careful reading.  there are genetic disorders
+common to Jews, even as sickle cell anemia is most commonly seen in Blacks. 
+Pointing out medical facts is not racism.  Neither should a comment about
+the penchant for simple answers be seen as hatred of homosexuals.

careful reading is what you want ?
>People want a simple answer to complex problems such as homosexuality,
>alcoholism, crime and vilolence, etc.  

since when is homosexuality a complex PROBLEM ? and why is it mentioned
in one sentence with three major problems of our modern day society ?
i don't think the original poster meant any harm.... but it still is
a stupid, freudian slip-up, which should not happen in a discussion like 
this !


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