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Bryan Ness bryan.ness at bbs.puc.edu
Thu Feb 24 14:06:00 EST 1994

I teach the first quarter of a three quarter Foundations of Biology
class.  My quarter comprises and introduction to cell biology and
genetics.  I would like to show a video on mitosis and meiosis to
the students that contains "live" action of the process.  I have
seen several such videos advertised and I would like to know
whether anyone else has viewed them and if so what you thought of
them.  Which seems to be the best?

I am also looking for a video on DNA replication, RNA transcription,
and protein synthesis.  In this case I want a video with good
animation of the processes.

If either of the above is also available on video disk that would be
a real plus.  Is anyone aware of video disks that contain these kinds of

You may answer me here in the newsgroup or via email if you prefer.

Bryan Ness
Asst. Professor of Biology
Pacific Union College
Angwin, CA  94508
bness at bbs.puc.edu

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