gene testing

Mike Gifford mike.gifford at
Thu Feb 24 19:47:33 EST 1994

     I would like to address the issue of the right of an insurance
company to have access to a person's genetic code.  I think that this is
personal information that belong's to the person from which it came and
that no one else has a right to it.  If insurance companies start
excluding people from coverae because of their genetic code, where will
it stop?  They could start doing things like excluding red heads because
they are more likely to get sunburns, or tall people because they are
more likely to hit their head on something.  Telling someone that they
can't have a baby because it might have a genetic defect is wrong.  A
child with a disease has just as much right to a life as a normal child.
 I think this whole thing is scary because with this much power and
knowledge people are going to start thinking they are God.  No human
should have the power to determine whether another human's life is worth
living.  God created life, and all life is precious to Him. So noone has
the right to be making these decisions except God Himself.

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