Rafael N Szeinfeld szeinfel at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Fri Feb 25 07:16:07 EST 1994

On 25 Feb 1994, Patrick Ferris wrote:

> >From: joni.self at (Joni Self)
> >Subject: genetest.txt
> >Organization: Pacific Union College BBS
> >  I do agree that it is good to know about inherited
> >disorders to prevent the passing on of a bad gene, such as the case of
> >the Jews.  However, I wouldn't prevent them from marrying, necessarily,
> >but just from having children.
> >People want a simple answer to complex problems such as homosexuality,
> >alcoholism, crime and vilolence, etc.  
>   Allright. I can tolerate bad writing and poor argumentation in
> the name of scientific literacy, but I don't appreciate finding
> racist and homophobic remarks here. These comments don't 
> belong on bionet.general, IMO.
> Patrick Ferris
	Could someone send me the original message from Joni self ? What 
he wants to mean ? If his intent was not racist he must explain himself 
on the other hand if it was a racist speech I ask for a blockage on his 
internet access.
	Rafael Najmanovich

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