gene testing

Amy Leach amy.leach at
Thu Feb 24 14:56:06 EST 1994

It seems to me that the more knowledge we have , the less I am sure
about anything, the less I feel strongly about something.  Knowledge is
inversely proportionate to opinion.  The subject of nature vs. nurture
has been discussed to death, and the more I hear, the more I agree with
everything I hear.  Limbo is not the ideal state to be in, but maybe it
allows me to be a little less subjective about the issue.

There are strong cases for both nature and nurture.  I don't know if
someday we will reach an intermediary consensus, or if advocates for
each will go on warring forever.  The concern I have about genetic
testing is that people will be able to blame everything on their genes
and not take responsibility for their actions.  But I guess we can't
girnd experiments to a halt just because there are people who will
always eat the Truth and spit it back out as Truth as Best Applied to
Make Me Feel Good and Look Better Than You.

So once again I have reached no conclusion.  Maybe someday they will
find a gene for wishy-washiness.

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