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>On 25 Feb 1994, Patrick Ferris wrote:

>> >From: joni.self at (Joni Self)
>> >Subject: genetest.txt
>> >Organization: Pacific Union College BBS
>> >  I do agree that it is good to know about inherited
>> >disorders to prevent the passing on of a bad gene, such as the case of
>> >the Jews.  However, I wouldn't prevent them from marrying, necessarily,
>> >but just from having children.
>> >People want a simple answer to complex problems such as homosexuality,
>> >alcoholism, crime and vilolence, etc.  
>>   Allright. I can tolerate bad writing and poor argumentation in
>> the name of scientific literacy, but I don't appreciate finding
>> racist and homophobic remarks here. These comments don't 
>> belong on bionet.general, IMO.
>> Patrick Ferris
>	Could someone send me the original message from Joni self ? What 
>he wants to mean ? If his intent was not racist he must explain himself 
>on the other hand if it was a racist speech I ask for a blockage on his 
>internet access.
>	Rafael Najmanovich

I've missed most of this, and this isn't really the place for this debate
(soI appologize now & make it short) BUT.  One of the joys of freedom of
speech and the freedom of the net is that you can say *whatever* you want
(with exceptiosn of inciting to riot, etc.).  You don't have to agree with
what they say, you don't have to like what they say, you don't even have to
*listen* to what they say, but you *do* have to let them say it.

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