Gene testing

Larry Won larry.won at
Fri Feb 25 13:02:21 EST 1994

    This was a very interesting article and the questions raised I see
would be very controversial.  It's great that science is making such
progress but with each step forward it seems now that ethics come into
    I think that gene testing for diseases such as cystic fibrosis
should be continued so that parents can make appropriate plans.
    All this research being done to find a biological basis for human
behavior and such is very interesting.  Like someone said in the article
I think that this is a very dangerous thing.  As soon as people can say
"I can't help it, I was born with it" then people can excuse themselves
of responsibility for their actions and so they do whatever they want,
ignoring social structure and things like common decency.  The public
wants to hear evidence like that and so I think too many scientists
nowadays go for the headlines and at the slightest sign of a connection
between genetics and behavior they announce it without certainty.
    I think gene testing results should be given to insurance companies
before a policy is taken up.  But I don't think it is fairnor logical
for an insurance company to expel a person or redo the person's policy
later because of gene test results.  That seems to defy the whole reason
for having insurance.  Also though, it should be made illegal for a
person to hike up their insurance, such as life insurance, after they
find out about a problem.
    It is all very interesting material and I hope to keep up with the

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