gene testing

Cherrie Hernandez cherrie.hernandez at
Fri Feb 25 16:54:24 EST 1994

    Hi Yolanda!  Hey, I was reading your response and I found myself
agreeing with you a whole lot, especially about information being given
to insurance companies.  I was thinking, this is going to sound pretty
cold, but from a business point of view, the insurance company will not
make as a high a profit off a baby that from day one is going to have
medical bills way beyond a normal baby.  So, in the eyes of the business
man, it's not worth it.  But, like Martha was telling me, "...that's
what they get payed for."  I think she has a valid point.  Like with any
business, insurance companies will have to expect highs and lows.
    In short, I don't think insurance companies have a right to know.
What if I were to marry somebody who knew they were a carrier for a
genetic disorder?  Then if the insurance company found out they wouldn't
want to cover our family.  What if we never even had kids?  As Steve
Barnes put it, it all boils down to "discrimination."

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