Why do we sleep?

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In article <2klfsi$fdj at polaris.unm.edu>, kestrel at unm.edu (Omi) writes:
> With regard to the statement in a reply to "Why do we sleep", someone
> suggested that it is a conservative measure for the body--a "catch-up"
> time.  Is there some sort of mechanism that causes an increase in body
> temp at this time?  I've discovered that my body temp goes up about 10
> degrees immediately after I fall asleep, and have wondered at the reason. 
> Any thoughts?
> Kestrel

C'mon let's not talk nonsense. Even if you are talking Fahrenheit this is
absurd. It would likely kill you. In any event diurnal temp does not 
range by this much & at night it goes down, not up.
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