NIMBIN -------Help!!!

BELA KOVACS climbela at
Mon Feb 28 05:46:07 EST 1994


I need a help!!!
If somebody know anything about the following substance, please send me an 
E-mail directly to my adress !!!

The name of the substance is:


It's verry important, because some biochemical industries in my Country
WILL(?!) uses this substance for the medicaments, (anti acnes)...

I know about that substance only the next things:

Spermicid, cancerogen etc.

If somebody know any database where I can bring datas for that and another 
substances, or something like that, please write me...

Sorry for my bad english, but I learn it only few weeks.

Thanks for help !!!

Bela Kovacs

climbela at     (VAX)    ( I prefer this)    or
climbela at       (IBM 3090)     or
climbela at    (SG INDIGO)

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