Gene testing

Bryan Ness bryan.ness at
Mon Feb 28 01:18:00 EST 1994

Date: 02-26-94 (19:14)             From: JAN OOSTING                    To: ALL
Subj: Re: Gene testing

JO>At the moment DNA testing gives only little detailed information about
JO>someones health risks because only few diseases can be detected nowadays.
JO>This disfavours people with these bad genes compared to people with bad
JO>genes that can not be detected at present

I suppose this means that the problems will only get worse in the
future, unless insurance companies figure out a way for all
people to pay the same regardless of their risk and they can get
their customers to agree.  It will be the healthy customers who
will complain the most, I think.  When there are several hundred
genetic tests avaialable I wonder if insurance companies will
just require them all and have complicated actuary tables to sort
it all out?  I certainly hope they opt for a more even aproach
where all pay the same.

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