Why do we sleep?

NAME MICHAEL ALLEN mjallen at ac.dal.ca
Sun Feb 27 15:29:28 EST 1994

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> > With regard to the statement in a reply to "Why do we sleep", someone
> > suggested that it is a conservative measure for the body--a "catch-up"
> > time.  Is there some sort of mechanism that causes an increase in body
> > temp at this time?  I've discovered that my body temp goes up about 10
> > degrees immediately after I fall asleep, and have wondered at the reason. 
> > Any thoughts?
> > 
> > Kestrel

My first thought would be to check the accuracy of your thermometer.  
Ten degrees is a mighty big jump.  Incompatible with life.

How do you check your body temp immediately after you fall asleep?

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