Fagopyrin: Extraction & Purification.

Sunil Samel samel at imec.be
Mon Feb 28 10:05:40 EST 1994

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      Fagopyrin: Extraction & Purification - Request for References.

Does anyone know about the procedure or any related literature on extraction
and purification of FAGOPYRIN, the photodynamic principle present in Buckwheat
( Fagopyrum Esculenium ) ?

I am posting this article for my wife who has had a very tough time finding
any such information. We would appreciate if the readers of this group could
help us with this info. or pointers to journals/laboratories/people who could
be of help.

Thanks a lot,

Sunil Samel.
( samel at imec.be )

PS: I messed up a previous posting on Fagopyrin where the content of the
    article was lost and only my signature was pulled in. My apologies.

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