Why do we sleep?

Mon Feb 28 15:37:19 EST 1994

In <2ktckm$k3t at polaris.unm.edu> kestrel at unm.edu writes:

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> My apologies--a bit of an exaggeration there.  The situation, as observed
> from a second-hand viewpoint (as I am asleep at the time), is that, upon
> falling asleep, my body starts to radiate quite a bit more heat than it
> does under waking conditions.  I haven't noticed a similar radiation with
> other adults, but have observed an increase in heat radiation by infants
> during sleep cycles; I wonder if there may be a connection.  Personally,
> the increase of temp when I fall asleep is dramatic enough for another to
> tell immediately that I am "over the brink".  Has anyone else noticed this
> phenomenon, or have a hypothesis about it?
> Kestrel 
Tell me, do you snore, have asthma, or enlarged tonsils and adneoids?
Any other breathing difficulties?  are you overweight?


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