Sun Feb 27 18:21:27 EST 1994

>From: bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dan Diaz)
>the only thing we have in common here is a love and respect for the ideas
>and methods of that behemoth we call biology, whether that be molecular
>biology, biophysics, mechanistic enzymology or whatever.  biology is what
>brings us here and no one has the right to tell people that they dont
>belong here based on philosophies unrelated to science.

  "no one has the right to tell" -- This is inconsistent with your view
that people have the right to say any damn thing they please.
  If what you mean is "no one has the right to keep others from
being here", well, no one has argued otherwise.

>i may hate someone
>else's prejudices as much as anyone, but my objections to racists and the
>rest dont belong here - take them to some other newsgroup and stop deciding
>unilaterally that people who insult the content of your particular agenda
>are not welcome here.

   Insult is not discourse. Acquiescence to insults makes those insulted
unwelcome. You seem to be arguing for a double standard: insults are
acceptable here, criticizing them is not.


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