Looking for good biology clipart

Dr. Dianne Chambers dchamber at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU
Sun Feb 27 17:32:26 EST 1994

I am looking for good quality biological images (line art,
photographs, animations...) available commercially or over
the net for use in biology quiz questions.  If you know of
any could you please let me know about them and, if possible,
the approximate price and distributor (or ftp/gopher/WWW site)
and a comment on the image quality if you have seen them.
Disc, CD-ROM, laserdisc or over the net, Mac or PC are all
of interest.

I'll post a summary of responses.

Many Thanks,
Dianne Chambers

My contact details:

Dr Dianne Chambers
New Technologies in Biology Teaching
School of Biological Sciences (F07)
The University of Sydney NSW 2006

email:   eip at biox.bio.su.oz.au
tel:     61 2 692 2960
fax:     61 2 692 2175

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