Australian Statistics on Birth Rates

candaceg at candaceg at
Mon Jan 3 10:11:20 EST 1994

I am looking into the field of circadian and seasonal rhythms
and am interested in determining to what extent there is a
seasonal rhythm in births in human populations.
I am in Canada and have had no difficulty in getting monthly
statistics on numbers of births (across Canada or province by
province).  I have also been able to get statistics on monthly
rates of marriage and you guessed it there is a peak in 
marriage rates in July to August and about 9 months later
there is a peak in birth rates.  All of this information
is available for free through Stats Canada or the local
library that has copies of their publications.
What I would like to do is look at similar data from
Australia.  I have contacted the Australian Bureau of
Statistics and have been told that they can get the data 
but at a cost of $150.  I cannot afford that and wonder
if some of our Australian Usenet readers would have access
to statistical sources similar to the Canadian ones for free?
I would appreciate it very much if anyone could send me this
information (monthly rates of birth and marriages in Australia)
or let me know of another way of finding it.
Thanks very much!

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