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Jim Wellehan jfxw at dartmouth.edu
Fri Jan 7 13:03:24 EST 1994

In article <2gk4ln$1l0 at gap.cco.caltech.edu>
robin at cco.caltech.edu (Robert C. Colgrove) writes:

> grswld at unity.ncsu.edu (Charles M Griswold) writes:
> >One word: DNAmass.
> >Mike
> there's something to this
> but it does not account for the poyploidy seen in some plants (eg Lillies)
> nor the highly repetitive sequences or selfish transposons common
> in metazoans. Raw DNA mass may reflect only a lack of strong enough
> selection to take out the garbage. ;^).
> That's why I initially suggested the species' total sequence complexity
> as a possible first order correction.

How about DNA mass/haploid genome size?


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