Bacterial Filamentation

J.C Imbeault ah645 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Fri Jan 7 11:29:33 EST 1994

     I'm a new graduate student and as my research project I'm studying
filamentation in an archaebacterium. It seems that the phenotype is due to the
loss of one of it's megaplasmids.

     I've been told that a lot of work on filamentation was done on E. coli in
the 70's. If anyone could suggest any article and/or reviews, it would be
greatly appreciated.

     Thank you.

jc at

PS. My mutant seems to start off with a normal phenotype and then filaments.
However I never obtain a 100% filamentous population. I'm trying to find if the
filamentous phenotype is terminal (lethal), however I don't have recourse to a
cell sorter so I can't just plate or otherwise grow up just filamentous cells.
Does anyone have any ideas how I could check to see if the filamentous portion
of my population is dying?

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