ranking biological success

Laurence Fiddick fiddick at lifesci.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 10 05:38:53 EST 1994

In <2ghp6a$gb at gap.caltech.edu> robin at cco.caltech.edu (Robert C. Colgrove) writes:
>Gould's book is "Wonderful Life"
>I've read all these ("Microcosmos" is another good one along similar lines)
>but all are extremely partisan manifestos for their various hobby horses.

ah yes, making my own biases rather evident i'd say i'm rather surprised that 
most replies are organism-centric. i'd say success is best looked at from the 
individual gene's perspective and say the most successful gene is either the
one with the most dna mass summed over all life or the most copies. however,
i ought to put some lower limit on the size of genes for comparison and say
that it has to contain at least on cistron or at least be able to produce some
significant phenotypic effect.

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