Argon - anaesthetic mystery solved

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Tue Jan 11 03:40:02 EST 1994

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>Some weeks ago I posted a query on Agon.  Our mice were falling asleep
>in 5% Argon in normal pressure air.   Turns out that all the Noble
>gases (except Helium) are anaesthetic at high pressure, in fact but for
>its cost Xenon might be the ideal anesthetic!  The puzzle was that we
>were getting effects at such low partial pressure.  
>It turns out that the flow rates we were using were insufficient to
>prevent back-flow from the hospital's gas disposal system, and we
>didn't have a valve in the outflow  line.  Consequently the anaesthetic
>effect  was from  a gas cocktail emanating from the operating theatres!
> Thanks to all who replied and helped.
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How does it work? I mean, one would think that a noble gas wouldn't
do much...


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