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LOL>I'm trying to read input using an input #1 statement with
LOL>Microsft Quick Basic.  I need to read a line of numbers, not
LOL>just a single column of numbers.  Does anyone know the correct
LOL>punctuation for the Input #1, variable(?) statement to do so?

My Microsoft manual for Quick Basic (V 2.0) 1985,1986 says on page 304:
- syntax
INPUT#filenumber, variablelist

- action
reads data items from sequential device or file and assigns them to

- remarks
the filenumber is the number used when the file is opened for input. The
variable list contains the names of the variables that are assigned
values read from the file (the variable type must match the type
specified by the variable name). Unlike INPUT, INPUT# does not print a
question mark.

The data items in the file should appear just as they would if you were
entering data in response to an INPUT statement.  With numeric values,
leading spaces, carriage returns, and line feeds are ignored.  The first
character encountered that is not a space, carriage return, or a
line feed is assumed to be the start of a number.  The number
terminates on a space, carriage return or a comma.

If BASIC is scanning the sequential data file for a string item, it will
also ignore leading spaces, carriage returns, and line feeds. If
end-of-file is reached when a numeric or string item is being INPUT, the
item is terminated

-See also INPUT, INPUT$

INPUT #2, a, b , c

Hope this helps

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