funny biological names - got any? (fwd)

Robert C. Colgrove robin at
Thu Jan 13 10:17:01 EST 1994

MJ Duggan <sgex400 at> writes:
>Ed Rybicki wrote
>> I know a retrovirologist (half of a couple affectionately know as "Jim-Barb" 
>> who named his cats "Calici" and "Parvo"....
>My wife, before she was my wife, named her cats "Neurokinin", "Dopamine", and
>"Zantac" (I will leave you to guess which pharmaceutical company she worked
>Mike duggan

Well, I haven't actually named anybody anything flagrantly odd but the
runner up name for my daughter Caitlin was -fitting for the daughter
of a biochemistry grad student: ELIZA.

Also, my girlfriend (now wife) and I braved a wild early 80's San Francisco
Halloween scene dressed as Enzyme and Substrate (with the label, Osculase)

robin colgrove

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