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> As a new microbio student I was pleased to be able to obtain a sputum
> sample from a patient with pneumonia.  Supposing that the infection is
> bacterial instead of viral, what types of bacteria am I likely to find in such
> a culture?  I am expecting several types of coccus but was wondering if I
> might be likely to see any others which are not just oportunistic "Johnie come
> latelies".  Thanks.

Yes. You might encounter several types of Gram positive bacteria and even
perhaps some yeast. I suggest you look in a general microbiology text book.

schlosser at recently wrote:

| This is clearly an attempt to get students interested in science and to
| introduce them to the wonders of our "information highway", and in that
| sense is laudible. **BUT** I agree that the way in which this is being 
| done is objectionable.  Just as a fully trained scientist should begin
| his/her search in the library, then check with local colleagues, before
| going to the net with a suitably refined question...

I agree. This is a question that can easily be answered by a quick trip
to the local library. Look up a book on diagnostic microbiology. For
example, the following book should give you more than enough details:

 CALL #       QR67 .B15 1990 
 AUTHOR       Bailey, W. Robert (William Robert), 1917-
 TITLE        Bailey and Scott's diagnostic microbiology.
 EDITION      8th ed. / Ellen Jo Baron, Sydney M. Finegold.
 IMPRINT      St. Louis : Mosby, 1990.
 DESCRIPT     xv, 861, [139] p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
 ISSN/ISBN    0801603447.
 NOTE         Rev. ed. of: Baily and Scott's diagnostic microbiology. 7th ed. /
                Sydney M. Finegold, Ellen Jo Baron. 1986.
              Includes bibliographical references and index.
 SUBJECT      Diagnostic microbiology.

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