The Race for the Double Helix (A&E Thursday)

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>	AARGH!@#%@!  too late!! I've been waiting to get a tape of
>this because I want to show it to my Philosophy and History of Science
>	Anyway, thanks for the posting.  This is, actually, quite a
>good film of the historical events -- once one gets past visions of
>Jeff G. in "The Fly" remake -- except for the portrayal, IMO, of R.
>Franklin:  lots of sexism here.

No question in my mind that Rosalind Franklin got a raw deal.  However,
my memory of the movie (I saw it several years ago) is that she received
a much fuller characterization in the movie that in Watson's book, for

For those interested, I highly recommend a book entitled _Rosalind
Franklin and the Search for DNA_ (by Sayres, I think); sorry about the
half-brained reference but I'm at home and my book's at work.  Anyone
who wants the right reference and cannot find it, e-mail me.

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