Human Embryo Cloning

Mon Jan 17 22:14:56 EST 1994

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> The basic questions I have regarding this topic are:

I have a prior question. That is the morality if IVF research & activity
in a world with too many people.
Indeed the only justification I can find for it is the scientific fallout such
as you are concerned about
> 1.  What are the ethics of cloning human embryos in general?
>     Should research of this type be allowed at all?

This is a simple question surely? The status of embryos is the the same as that
ot cell cultures. If you think embryos are people you will be wrong but are
likely to come to different conclusions.

> 2.   If the cloning of human embryos is allowed then what
>      kinds of research should be allowed?  Should the
>      research be limited to faulty embryos or could healthy,
>      viable embryos be used?

See above. 

> 3.  If these techniques were to be used to improve in vitro
>     fertilization what limits should there be?  Should one
>     be allowed to be used for genetic testing?  Should
>     multiple embryos be allowed to be implanted?

As noted above IVF is an indulgence. This research can only be justified by
such spinoffs as genetic testing. 

> 4.  If several embryos are produced by cloning should
>     people be allowed to save the extras for later
>     implantation?  Should people be allowed to sell
>     extra embryos?

See above. Why not? 

> These are just a few of the ethical dilemmas that come
> to mind.  If you have any others feel free to bring them
> up as well.  I would encourage discussion from other
> biology students as well as researchers in the field.

I repeat, the assumption that IVF is morally justified in a world of too many
people & scarce medical resources strikes me as the real problem.

The other issues you raise seem to me to be religious rather than moral.
BTW, I see these as antithetical.
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