Pneumonia Bacteria

David Rye David.Rye at
Mon Jan 17 22:07:00 EST 1994

    In response to the replies I received concerning this message...

    I work in fire and EMS and treated the sample with the utmost respect as
to the danger involved in "handling" it.  In short, I treated it as I do any
unknown hazmat or biohazard substance that comes under my responsibility; be
it under the care of myself or my people. The reason I was asking the question
was that I was hoping that the wider experience range here would be able to
give me some leads that were not available in the limited microbio books that
are at the small college I attend.  I sincerely appreciate the information
that was presented to me and would like to thank you for your time.

    I am new to the net, and am participating in a project to link USENET with
several external nets that are run by people with computers in their homes.
Seeing as I do not have true InterNet access, or the software "gopher" needed
for information queries that are not public posts, I placed my query in this
newsgroup with the hopes that I would have my questions answered.  I must
state that I resent being compared to a group of middle school students asking
their questions, as I am a college student with several classes/workshops in
recombinant DNA research and some successful recombinant lab work; however, it
appears that I guilty of a serious crime : curiosity.  Rest assured that I
shall never sully your newsgroup with my sub-sapien questions again.

                                            David E. Rye

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