Need to verify low blood flow in brain: labelled 2DG???

Mark Bowes mbowes at
Wed Jan 19 17:32:02 EST 1994

I am doing a model of CNS ischemia in which the MCA is temporarily
occluded and then circulation is restored.  What I would like is a very
simple way to verify that circulation is actually halted.  I've thought
about hydrogen clearance (seems dangerous and a lot of work), EEG (seems
unreliable and a lot of work), doppler (requires major surgical
procedure).  I'm thinking about 2-DG, perhaps labelled with a flourescent
dye?  It does not need to be quantitative, I just need to verify that
blood flow was occluded.  However, just injecting some sort of dye does
nnot seem promising, because it need to stay put and no move around when
circulation is restored.  

So, any suggestions?  The simpler the better, and it would nice to avoid

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