Slugs Wanted

Joseph Postman postmanj at
Fri Jan 21 03:10:33 EST 1994

   My 8 year old son is interested in slugs, and is planning a science
fair project about the feeding behavior of the Banana Slug, Ariolimax
columbianus.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to capture any
local specimens of this particular species.  Probably a bit too cold still
in western Oregon for much slug activity, or maybe we're just out of shape
after a long winter. If anyone in the Pacific Northwest is able to
find some live creatures, I'm willing to trade some berry plants, or a
young grafted fruit tree for a couple of nice big ones!  

  If anyone in Northern California sees this, especially you folks at Santa
Cruz, we would love to get ahold of a pair of your famous Ariolimax

  Any suggestions (serious ones) about a suitable diet for raising Banana
Slugs in captivity would be welcome.  Please email me with offers to
send/trade specimens.

Joseph Postman
postmanj at	

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