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Thu Jan 20 13:58:07 EST 1994

	My name is Mea Ann Bloyd and I am from Mendocinco Middle School. 
I am doing a project on Tide Pools and what animals live in them. Well 
actually, the real title of  my project is How do Tide Pool Animals 
Survive When the Tide Goes Out?  I am particularly interested in Starfish 
and Sea Anemones.  How do they keep from drying out?  I don't have all 
the information that I think that I need to do this project correctly.  I 
do have several books I'm using but am having a hard time finding 
information.  Some books I'm using are: Ocean Life, Seashore Life, The 
World Book Encyclopedia, Seashores, Seashore and Sea and shore.  Any 
additonal information on how these animals  can survive when the tide 
goes out will be appreciated.  I know that some animals hide under rocks 
or seaweed,  but starfish and anemones can't.  I know that their outer 
layers help them from drying out but I don't know how.  I don't know what 
really happens to the ones who can't get hidden or if the sun is hotter 
than usual that day.  I also would like to know what different tide zones 
starfish and anemones live in.  Is there some reason why they like these 
zones?  I hope you can help me get this information for my project.  
Please send e-mail through my Eighth Grade Science teacher, Cory Wisnia, 
at cwisnia at
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