Human Embryo Cloning

Jennifer Andrews jennifer.andrews at
Fri Jan 21 16:13:29 EST 1994

    At this point I feel, that using defective embryos for research is
acceptable.  But in regards to using cloning for IVF I have a bit of a
problem with this, actually I have had a problem with the extremes
people go to in order to conceive a child.  Perhaps I am not in a
position to comment since I have a child who posseses half of my DNA.
However I feel that people should consider adoption of one of the
thousands of beautiful children already on the planet without the love
of a parent.  Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a child
that is a replica of yourself seems to be a bit of egomania.  I can
understand spending some time and effort to discover the reasons for a
couples infertility, however, alot of time and effort in the form of
outrageous amounts of money seems extreme.  If indeed God has a plan for
all of us and repeated attempts at conception are refused perhaps it is
Gods wish for us to love and raise a child that is without a family.

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