The Race for the Double Helix (A&E Thursday)

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  > > For those interested in the movie _The Race for the Double Helix_, 
> > starring Jeff Goldblum as Jim Watson, 
> > 
> > the movie is showing tonight on Arts & Entertainment at something like 
> > 3:00 a.m. CST.  
> > 
> > The movie is a very entertaining account of the famous Watson & Crick 
> > discovery.  Since it is not available on video, those who would like 
> > to see it again should set their VCR's tonight. 
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> 	AARGH!@#%@!  too late!! I've been waiting to get a tape of this 
> because I want to show it to my Philosophy and History of Science 
> course. 

No problem.  Just call Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and ask if you can 
borrow their copy of the movie, "The Race for the Double Helix" starring Jeff 
Goldblum .  About seven months ago, when I was teaching at Austin College 
(Sherman, TX), I did just that.  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory sent me a copy 
of the videotape (at no charge) and I sent it back to them a few days later 
when I was finished with it.  It is an excellent movie and a good follow-up 
to reading the book, "The Double Helix" by James D. Watson.  My Intro Bio 
students (non-majors track) really seemed to enjoy the movie.

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