God and IVF and "embryo cloning"

Sat Jan 22 22:47:24 EST 1994

The jennifer and paul posts raised some issues which could start a significant
thread.  I would like to suggest that discussion of adoption be moved to 
alt.adoption.  Without stirring the fire paul's view of adoption is fraught
with a seriously skewed prespective.  Adoption is a complicated issue which 
should be handled with great respect to ensure the well-being of a child.
The concept of referring to adoption as a "booby prize" for infertile is very
insensitive to the adoptive parents, cli
child, and birthparents.  Again, I would strongly suggest those interested in
adoption subscribe to alt.adoption for a wider view of adoption issues from 
the stand point of all three participants in the adoption triangle.
David DeGroote

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