Human Cloning

Maribel Alfaro maribel.alfaro at
Fri Jan 28 12:47:16 EST 1994

Human beings have an ambition for knowing how things work. If we already
started studying human cloning, I feel that we should continue with the
studies. I feel that the starting point should be defective embryos.
Later, when we have a beeter understanding about how things work, we
could switch to healthy wmbryos. I feel that studying defective embryos
sooner or later would give us answers and maybe be able to extract the
defective pendage of DNA and bud it into a normal DNA to make it work in
a normal way. Back on hystory some cultures did not allow physicians to
open human bodies, somebody started doing it, and know we have learned
a lot about how the human body works. Therefore, I feel that we should
take the chances and go ahead with the studies on defective human

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