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: In <1994Jan27.054951.12993 at> bhkim at (Byung-hoon Kim) writes:
: >Dear netters,
: >    Can anyone out there tell me the address or the E-mail address of
: >Dr. Lawrence Bogorad (Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology)
: >at Harvard Univ.?   And about the numeric address of Harvard Univ.?
: Found in Harvard University CSO
:            name: Lawrence Bogorad
:            email: LAWRENCE_BOGORAD at HGL-MAIL
:            phone: 617-495-4260
:            office_location: Bio. Labs 582

if you look at the gopher at JHU:


 -->  14. Searching For Biologists/
     -->  7.  Addresses of Chlamydomonas Researchers/

        1.  About the Chlamydomonas Address Directory.
   -->  2.  Search Addresses of Chlamydomonas Researchers <?>
        3.  Add (or Correct) Your Address to the Chlamydomonas Directory <TEL>

you find this: (A bit more than Rob found :-)

Dr. Lawrence Bogorad
Biological Laboratories
Harvard University
16 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge MA  02138
PHONE 617-495-4292, FAX 617-495-9300
EMAIL bogorad at


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