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>I don't approve of humans playing God and making humans to their
>specifications and needs.
        *What is the basis for anyone's mate selection & decision
to have children? Personal choice. I, for example, date only
extremely intelligent women who are under 5'4" in height. If our
romance gets serious, then this hypothetical she & I are *implicitly*
considering that we'd want our children to look like each other. By
your definition, that means I/we have established "needs" and
"specifications." By your definition, are *we* are playing God?
In any case, I neither seek nor require your approval of whom I date
or consider raising children with.

>Instead of being born as a result of a love act from his parents, the
>kid would be born as a result of some scientists going to the grocery
>store getting all the right ingredients and sort of assembling him.  How
>would that make you feel?
        *Politely put, sir, this is rubbish. Parents who go to great
effort to conceive children using other forms of medical interventions
(artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, or even just many
sessions of carefully timed intercourse), or parents who
adopt a child due to infertility or other reasons, don't have to
*tell* those children how or why their families formed. I think it
should matter more how the parents *raise* their children. Seems to
me that there are *alot* of children who were conceived naturally, in
what you call a "love act," whose lives are miserable because their
parents haven't slightest clue how to raise them to be responsible
human beings.

>The Bible says that in the last days it will be like the days of
>Noah before the flood. 
        *Biblical arguments carry little weight in bionet.* newsgroups.

>I remember hearing that those people before the
>flood may have been genetically experimenting also.
        *Any type of controlled breeding is "genetic experimentation."
We domesticated cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, created corn from teosinte
and dogs from wolves, etc. "Genetic experimentation" in the broad sense
has been going on for tens of thousands of years. We're vastly better
off for it.

	Has anyone else gotten the feeling that, since three out of five
posters in this thread are from the same institution, that they're on
some kind of mission? Could this be a debate class, or a computer class,
getting their time in on trn?


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