James F Rice jrice at
Thu Jan 27 21:54:00 EST 1994

Well.....You sure know how to intimidate first time internet users.

While I understand the points you have made, I disagree that they are all
relevant to my posting.  Sorry, the typos bothered you so much.  It was late
and I wasn't exactly trying to write the gettysburg address.  I do agree that
my posting could have been more to the point.

I would like to clarify an important point.  This posting is in no way
intended to replace my own research of the topic.  I intentionally left the
details out of the posting, because they were not necessary to get my point
accross.  I was using those example solely to help others understand the type
of development I was interested in.  It was my hope that a discussion could be
begun in which I could share the information that I learn this semester with
other interested netters.  Microbial development is a very important process,
and it is too often that the scientist ascribes the black box to describe its
role in their experimentation.  Also, I would like to say that although I have
a limited overall picture of Microbial development, I definitely understand the

							James F. Rice

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