I need some help please...

Rydningen Paal rydninge at nki.no
Thu Jan 27 09:51:21 EST 1994

Hi all. 

As a part of a project involving Virtual Reality and visually impaired I
need information about what types of visual impairment exist.          

What I am looking for is a classification and/or a decsripton of the different
types (tunnel vision, lack of colour-sense...etc.) In short: Information about
ANY limitation of visual field. 

What I am NOT looking for is WHY people is visual impaired..  For example: 
If partial blindness is caused by a disease it isnt of any interest to our 

It would greatly help me and my friends, so - if you have any information, 
more or less on-line, about these things I would be very happy if you could 
Mail a needing student...  :-)


Paal Rydningen
Student at NKI-IH, Oslo, Norway.

Email : rydninge at nki.no
IRC   : Phantom

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