A new FTP site in Japan

Sanzo Miyazawa smiyazaw at smlab.eg.gunma-u.ac.jp
Wed Jan 26 23:37:08 EST 1994

        A mirror of major ftp servers in bioinformatics
        is available at 


        in Japan. This ftp mirror service will be useful especially for
        researchers in Pacific area.

        Available data include

                GDB flat database
                GenBank, EMBL DNA sequence databases
                PIR, SwissProt protein sequence databases
                PDB protein 3D structure database

        as well as softwares.

        This ftp service is provided as a part of the genome database project
        operated by the Japan Information Center of Science and Technology
        (JICST) under the support of the Science Technology Agency in Japan.

			ftp at ftp.gdbnet.ad.jp  for any question

                        Genome Database Network in Japan (GDBnetJP)

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