Human Embryo Cloning

Martha Angeles martha.angeles at
Tue Jan 25 14:33:31 EST 1994

I can understand how you feel out this whole dilema with couples wanting
to submit themselves into an experiment like human cloning, but if
that;s what they want there isn't much to do about it.  I totally
agreewith going for adoption as another alternative.  Yes, ther are many
children in this world who need a good home and don't have parents, but
one must also have an open-mind about the point researchers are trying
to find out.  I can also see their to want to find out if it's possible
to create duplicates of embryos.  It's actually an interesting study to
be able to have some control on human life.

Many benefits could come about from this.  Maybe better ways to have
family's in the future.  It would be kinda of strange to program or
sketch out your child before it even is in process.  Technology has
really done it this time - I would say- if this really does work.  So we
could just wait and see what;s gonna happen with all of this and I also
think that researchers should be allowed to experiement.  If no harm is
being caused to anyone and if benefits are what the results maybe, lets
give them a chance!

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