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Margriet Dijkhuis margriet at
Tue Jan 25 09:33:39 EST 1994

KEYWORDS: biogeography, paleontology, continental drift, dispersal of 


I am a biology student in Amsterdam at the Free University in the last 
fase of my study. My current project is to make a program for a course 
(evolution and diversity) in the first year. In this program I want to 
visualise the dispersal and eventual extinction of spieces in the course  
of time on a changing world (continental drift). My time is limited (6 
months) and the program complex. That's why I am looking for a 
continental drift program as a geological base to start with.

- A continental drift program for Apple Macintosh (preferred), MS-DOS 
with MS-WINDOWS or SUN with OpenWindows.
- be able to give a start and final-time in milj. of years or even for the 
Holoceen in thousend of years.
- be able to add my own data about species.
- has a natural projection in which you see half of the earh as if from a 
- be able to see the earth from different sides eg. with the 0 meridian 
through the center or the 180 meridian or even the north or south pole 
in the center.
- it would be nice to be able to see where landbridges, iceshelfs, 
mountains, big rivers and other barriers that influence the dispersal of 
species are situated.
- also it would be nice to be able to add pictures or recontructions of 
species in a corner of the screen.
- be able to add climatic information.

Do you know such a program or a program that partly meets these 
requierment/wishes? Or do you have any suggestions or information 
that might help me? Please let me know as soon as possible.


Emailadress: 		margriet at

or write to me directly:Margriet Dijkhuis
			Free University of Amsterdam
			Dept. of Biology
			room B 402
			de Boelelaan 1087
			The Netherlands

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