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>I think this is a very controversial topic.  Anything to do with using
>humans in experiments is a touchy subject.  I believe that human embryos
>are humans and therefore I don't believe they should be used in these
>experiments any more than a full grown human should be used in an
>In the case of defective embryos, I would say that it would be okay to
>use them if they are expected to die for sure.

All embryos are expected to die for sure...
some just become infants, children and adults first.

The problem is that "defective" is not a binary condition.
The definition is VERY subjective.
Is "Down's Syndrome" or "Tay-Sachs" a "defect"?
How about "anencephaly" or any other condition where the embryo could
develop thru pregnancy, but not survive (for long) outside the womb?

>                                                But then, how would you
>know what would happen with a normal embryo?  So the experiment couldn't
>be totally conclusive.

If you can't run a control in the experiment, it's bad science.  Don't
do the experiment.

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