Evolution and Entropy

Peter L. Hurd hurd at fraser.sfu.ca
Thu Jan 27 05:49:15 EST 1994

jruspini at mail.sas.upenn.edu (Jason M Ruspini) writes:
>I'm wondering if someone can help me with a question concerning evolution and 
>entropy.   I am arguing with someone on alt.christnet over whether evolution 
>contradicts entropy.   I say that it does not because the internal physical 
>order gained by a biological system is outweighed by the external chemical 
>disorder it causes when it evolves. 

Like the way the formation of a large molecule can increase entropy
by disrupting the aquesous crystal lattice structure it sits in?

> Is this basically correct?   Have there 
>been any studies concerning entropy and biological systems?  What have been 
>their results/ or where can I find them?  

I'd suggest you look for a book called _evolution as entropy_, but IMHO
your time would be better spent whacking your thumb with a hammer than
debating with chistians, or reading the aforementioned book,

you no doubt want some authors on that book, one of them is Wiley I think.

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