Evil Cloning

Alejandro Abuin aabuin at bcm.tmc.edu
Sat Jan 29 23:15:04 EST 1994

     A drop of sweat runs down my cheek
     as I slip on my rubber glove
     for it's tonight that I will seek
     to clone a human embryo.

     I shall create in my test tube
     the perfect spouse I never knew
     who'll take my car to Jiffy Lube
     and fetch me beers and cook me stew.

     We'll take roadtrips and play some chess
     and cope with high doses of stress
     but in the end I'll always be
     truthful to her, and her to me.

     We'll sit in front of our PC
     and laugh out loud each time we see
     postings by those who like to think
     that all that science does is stink.

     I know that some will think I'm mad
     and that I'll burn in hell, how sad,
     but what the heck, she'll be with me,
     for if I'm evil, so is she.

     You see, my friend, one thing is for sure;
     the thrust of science will endure.
     For too long has this country felt
     the tightness of its Bible Belt!

     Alex Abuin

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